I have so much to share with you...About YOU!
Let's talk about emotions, luck, fun, and your destiny.
Your astrology birth chart has so much to teach you about yourself.
Your sun, rising, and moon signs are just the beginning.

Your cosmic potential is ready to be unlocked! Let's get started TODAY.

Corinne Casatelli

Corinne is a passionate and driven mother of three vibrant young boys who has a deep desire to empower women. Recognizing the profound influence of lunar cycles and astrology on our lives, she founded Mother Moon Mentoring with the vision of connecting women to the wisdom of the moon.

Through her expertise in Moonology and Astrology, Corinne guides and supports women on their spiritual journeys, helping them harness the transformative power of the lunar cycles. With her nurturing and intuitive approach, she fosters a sense of sisterhood and encourages women to embrace their inner strengths and intuition.

Corinne’s mission is to create a sacred space where women can find solace, inspiration, and empowerment, enabling them to thrive in harmony with the natural rhythms of the universe.

Choose the package that fits you:

Mystic Message Package
Learn tools and insights on how to step into your True self.

✔ The Deeper Connection Package
A level of communication and connection with your child you never thought possible.

✔ Harnessing the Moon Package
Guidance on embracing the unique energies of each individual moon phase.

✔ Mother Moon Immersive Package
Tailored to your personal spiritual journey, we will work soul to soul to have you achieve Moon Goddess enlightenment!