Dark Moon Meditation

Sunday April 7th, 2024 10am @ Complete Wellness Quakertown

If you have never worked with the Dark Moon phase before then this is the one to start with! It is time to cleanse what no longer serves us as we prepare for the extremely powerful Total Eclipse New Moon in Aries. This meditation will guide you to release old energy, reflect on your goals, and find inspiration for your new lunar cycle intentions. Get ready to embrace the darkness and set the stage for transformation and renewal as we enter this potent astrological period. This meditation will take place in the Salt Room, adding the cleansing and grounding properties of Halotherapy to our meditation.

Complete Wellness Quakertown
The Atrium
127 South 5th Street
Quakertown, PA 18951

Corinne Casatelli

Meet Corinne, a passionate and visionary soul who embarked on an extraordinary journey to empower women and mothers through the mystical realms of moonology and astrology.

As a mother herself, she understands the chaos and beauty of raising three energetic young boys, and it was this very experience that led her to embark on a life-changing path. After dedicating 15 years to a successful career, Corinne felt a strong calling to make a profound impact on the lives of women and mothers seeking a deeper connection with the universe. With a deep-rooted belief in the power of celestial bodies and their influence on our daily lives, she courageously listened to the Divine and left behind her corporate life to pursue her calling.

Drawing on her extensive knowledge of moonology and astrology, Corinne founded Mother Moon Mentoring, a company that serves as a guiding light for women and mothers. Through her innovative approach, she assists them in unlocking their own potential, understanding the profound connection with the moon and stars, and embracing the cosmic energies that surround us. With a keen focus on empowering mothers, she helps them unravel the emotional depths of their children by analyzing their unique astrology charts.

  • Dark Moon Meditation
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